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Deposit Bonds

Deposit Bond is a guarantee or bond that substitutes for a cash deposit between signing contracts and settlements.

A Deposit Bond gurantee product can be short term for settlement within 6 months or long term guarantee for settlement terms between 6 and 48 months.The Deposit Bond gurantee can be issud for all or part off the deposit, upto 10% of the purchase price.

The advanatge you can use a deposit guarantee instead of the traditional cash deposit for short or long term when exchanging contracts of sale for a property.

The product is easy to apply for and all you need to prove is that you can settle on the property you are acquiring

Let More Home Loans assist you in finding the suitable Deposit Bond for short and long term arrangements in the marketplace.


The quality of service was exceptional. I didnít think such a complicated
subject could be made so understandable to someone like myself...
M. Jones