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Business Loans

What is a Business Loan?

A business loan is a loan used for business purposes, a business loan can be used to purcase a pre-owned business franchise or open a new business. In most cases when you obtain a business loan,you may also need to obtain finance to purchase Equipment or Machinery.

Inventory Finance,Commercial Lease Bonds can also be used as further finance solution for your business.

More Home Loans sister company "More Commercial Loans" can provide loans that are suitable for all business owners and anyone looking for business finance wheather its a New Venture, to grow your existing business, or even purchase a bigger office or a larger industrial block.

Advantages of a obtaining a business loan from More Commercial Loans

  • Purchase your Business.
  • Variety of Busiess Lenders.
  • Variety of Business Loan products.
  • Loan structured to suit your business.
  • Our business loan consultants will assist you all the way with the time, expertise and resources to find you the most suitable structure to suit your business needs
  • Assistance from the beginning till settlement of your business finance, even pre-settlement of your loan

With our professional loan consultants we can assist you with all your business finance needs for now and look after your needs in the future.


The quality of service was exceptional. I didnít think such a complicated
subject could be made so understandable to someone like myself...
M. Jones