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Residential Loans

More Home Loans mortgage brokers offer many types of loan options, see below. The lender have their own variations and, of course, they price their offerings accordingly, in most cases they are all similar to each others rates.

Principal & Interest:

This is the type of loan that most people will take if they want to pay off their home loan and the interest incurred in the agreed loan term.

The benefits of having a principal & interest loan are:

  • You will be able to pay off your inital amount borrowed (the principal) and also the interest incurred in the loan term (interest)
  • As time goes by, your principal amount will decrease as well and you will also save interest.
  • Introductory Rate Loan (1 year fixed or 1 year variable)
  • Making extra repayments and having loan features such as a offset account and loan redraw will also benefit you when you want to reduce your loan principal.

The disadvantages of Principal & Interest loans is that you pay slightly higher repayments compared to interest only loans.

Types of loans available with principal & interest loans:

  • Basic Loans
  • Standard Variable Loan
  • Introductory Rate Loan (1 year fixed or 1 year variable)
  • Fixed Rate Loan


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